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BBQ and Wine: Finding the perfect pair

Beer is the obvious go to at a Barbeque, but have you ever thought about wine? The right wine paired with your favorite barbecued meats can compliment their flavors and add a classy twist to your backyard BBQ this summer. We’ve got some suggestions for the best wines to pair with ribs, pulled pork, sausage, and chicken, featuring products from our sponsor Kobrand Wine & Spirits .

Grilled pork ribs

Ribs- Ribs come in many different flavors and sizes. Although instinct would tell you ribs are big and tough, the flavors of the meat can be quite delicate. To make sure you don’t take away from the sauces and spices, be sure to pick a wine that will accent your meats flavoring. For a dry-rub, we recommend a wine with earthy tones, like a red lambrusco. If you’re working with a wet or sweeter sauce choose something fruity, like a zesty white. Try Poema’s White Wine.

Barbeque Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Pulled Pork- Pulled pork is the perfect balance of meatiness, juiciness, and smoky flavor. Typically the sauces used will be sweeter and call for something to add a little more zing to the taste. Try pairing it with a dry rosé. Try The Seeker’s Rosé. The fruitiness will compliment the pork’s sweet flavor without overpowering the smokiness and juiciness.

Roasted sausages

Sausage- These meaty coils pack a lot of spice and crisp flavors in such a small space. A riesling is the perfect choice to balance out the palate and make sure the flavor of each bite of sausage can be as good as the first. The acidity of this German native grape cleanses the taste buds with each sip. Try The Seeker’s Riesling

Barbeque Chicken Meal

Chicken- Chicken allows for the most versatility when picking a wine mate. If you enjoy a richer wine try something brawny like a red syrah or zinfandel.  Try Gimblett Gravels Vineyard Syrah. These choices accent smoky BBQ chicken well. If you want a wine that’s lighter you can never go wrong with a sweet rosé or a delicate pinot noir. Try Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir from the Benziger Family Winery. These will compliment chicken with a sweet BBQ sauce.

If you’re ever in a place that has many different choices of meats, like the National Capital BARBECUE BATTLE®, choose something light that will not overpower any of the flavors you may come across in your BBQ adventures. Riesling and rosé are both great options that will add a sweet and crisp balance to any of your BBQ favorites. To learn more about wines visit our sponsor Kobrand Wine & Spirits.