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Dr. BBQ's Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook A Real Barbecue Champion Brings the Tasty Recipes and Juicy Stories of the Barbecue Circuit to Your Backyard

Delicious slow-smoked barbecue is a star-spangled American specialty, and there’s nobody who knows how to put a barbecue smile on people’s faces like Ray Lampe, the barbecue chef better known as Dr. BBQ. In Dr. BBQ’s Big-Time Barbecue Cookbook, Ray shows every backyard chef how to bring the slow-smoked goodness of real barbecue to the table with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of finger-lickin’ goodness. In chapters devoted to equipment, tools, and fuel, he shows readers how easy it is to prepare authentic barbecue with the best rubs, marinades, and mops this side of Arthur Bryant’s.

Smokin' with Myron Mixon Recipes Made Simple, from the Winningest Man in Barbecue: A Cookbook

Mixon shares more than 75 of his award-winning recipes—including one for the most sinful burger you’ll ever eat—and advice that will end any anxiety over cooking times and temps and change your backyard barbecues forever. He also fills you in on how he rose to the top of the competitive barbecue universe and his secrets for succulent success. Complete with mouth-watering photos, Smokin’ with Myron Mixon will fire you up for a tasty time.

Keto BBQ By Myron Mixon

Can you eat barbecue and still lose weight and be healthy? Yes, you can. New York Times bestselling author Myron Mixon will show you how.

After more than thirty years of winning contests for his smoked hogs, briskets, ribs, and chickens, Myron Mixon knows a whole lot about barbecue. So what does the “winningest man in barbecue” know about living a healthy lifestyle? As someone who was overweight and unhealthy before losing more than 100 pounds, he’s figured out how to cook and eat the foods he loves and still live healthfully. Having kept those pounds off for more than two years, Mixon is living proof that you can eat barbecue and be healthy if you know how to do it right.

This is Keto done the way we all want to live; the recipes in Keto BBQ are the ones Mixon uses to enjoy the barbecue lifestyle without gaining weight. Like Mixon, you get to eat the foods you love—including bacon-wrapped chicken breasts, smoked pork shoulder, baby back ribs, and even barbecue sauce—if you follow the recipes in this book. In Keto BBQ, Mixon shares a series of real—and real simple—changes you can make to your diet while still enjoying barbecue and other Southern foods in a healthier way.

Cool Smoke The Art of Great Barbecue By: Tuffy Stone

Cool Smoke is the distillation of all his years of experience and wisdom. Inside you’ll find a wealth of barbecue information. For backyard barbecuers who are interested in taking on the competition circuit, Cool Smoke offers tips and tricks from one of the best in the business. Stone’s competition secrets―gleaned from more than a decade of success on the circuit―have never before been shared beyond the walls of his cook school in Richmond, Virginia. Cool Smoke gives an insider’s look behind the scenes and offers advice on creating perfect competition turn-ins that have made Stone a World Champion five times over.

Tim Scheer BBQ Tips/Tricks

  • Start with better to end with better! Take some time to pick the perfect piece of meat. Look for bright red color, good marbling, and an even size. This will get you off to a great start.
  • Balance flavors (Salt, pepper, and simple smoke), and focus on proper cooking techniques first, then get creative as you go. It’s part of the fun!
  • Learn your cooker! All appliances will have hotter and cooler areas within the cooking chamber. Learn that and use it to your advantage. The biscuit test is great for testing this.

Tuffy Stone BBQ Tip/Tricks

  • Treat Smoke Like Salt and Pepper – A common mistake that people make when smoking meat cuts like ribs beef brisket, or pork shoulders, is putting too much smoke on these meats during the cooking process. Treat smoke like salt and pepper. Let the pork or beef be the ‘star’ flavor and the smoke, rub or sauce be a supporting background flavor to the natural taste of the meat. The taste of smoke can be regulated by running a clean fire, which is easiest to obtain, by making sure a fire has plenty of oxygen and is not choked or starved for air. Generally, I will try and cook with the smallest fire that is needed to bring my grill or smoker to the proper cooking temperature.
  • Texas Crutch – The Texas Crutch is a technique used for controlling how much smoke is put on meat during the barbecuing process. Meats like ribs, beef brisket and pork shoulders take many hours of cooking to achieve the desired tenderness. However, when cooking these meats on a smoker or grill, they will get to a beautiful color on the exterior of the meat and have the perfect touch of smoke long before they are done. So at this point, these meats are wrapped in aluminum foil and put back on the grill, where they continue to cook until tender. This layer of foil will prevent the meat from taking on any more smoke and help keep moisture in the meat. I typically wrap pork ribs after 2 hours of smoking and wrap beef briskets and pork shoulders after 4 hours of smoking.