MEME | Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle


Meme is a self educated artist with ancestral roots through her grandmother to the Shoshone Paiute tribe. She grew up skating in Northern California. As a young girl, skating in the Truckee CA Skate Park, the trains and their colorful graffiti caught her eye, and she never looked back. Frustrated with the negativity she experienced in both the graffiti and skate world, Meme founded Few and Far, an all-female group that has grown to 21 international members. Their collective goal is to create a positive empowerment for women who skate and paint. Through this group she has been organizing large scale events for over 12 years all over the world. Meme was the first woman to have been sponsored by Monster Energy.

Through 24 years of graffiti, 12 years of mural painting, and a lifetime of skate culture, Meme’s nomadic life has had many home bases, including Sacramento, Oakland, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Lake Tahoe, and Nevada City. She currently lives in Richmond, VA, and balances her time between, skating, graffiti, murals, travel, and being a professional florist. With her heart set in activism, you can see the influence of animal rights, women’s rights, the environment in her work.

Meme’s constant exploration in graffiti, art, and skating has brought her to many different places- including Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, India, Japan, China, Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Indonesia.