Duke’s Pineapple Burger | Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle

Duke’s Pineapple Burger

Adding Duke’s to your meat mixture ensures an extra juicy & moist hamburger.


1 lb. ground beef

Salt and pepper

¼ cup Duke’s Mayonnaise

4 pineapple rings

1 red onion, sliced into ½ inch slices

Sliced cheddar or American cheese

Sliced tomato

4 hamburger buns


1. Separate ground beef into 4 equal patties. Season the meat with salt and pepper.

2. Prepare grill for cooking.

3. Lightly coat pineapple rings and onion slices with Duke’s Mayonnaise.

4. Grill burgers, pineapple and onion to desire doneness.

5. Assemble burgers with meat, pineapple, onion, cheese and tomato along with your favorite condiments, including Duke’s Mayonnaise.