Pulled Pork Nachos | Giant National Capital Barbecue Battle

Pulled Pork Nachos


  • 10–12 oz Chairman’s Reserve® pulled pork shoulder — see Pulled Pork recipe for reference
  • 1 bag restaurant style tortilla chips
  • 16–24 oz refried pinto beans, heated
  • 1 large bag shredded Mexican blend cheese
  • 1 wheel Cotija cheese, crumbled
  • 16–24 oz nacho cheese, melted
  • 1 jar Mexican Crema
  • 1 bunch cilantro, chopped
  • 8 oz salsa (mild, medium or hot)
  • 8 oz pico de gallo
  • ½ jar pickled jalapeño slices
  • 1 to 2 fresh jalapeños, sliced
  • 1 to 2 diced white onions
  • 1 bunch green onion, sliced



  1. Preheat smoker or oven to 275°F.
  2. Prepare guacamole by mixing avocados and Big Poppa’s Jallelujah Jalapeño Salt in a bowl. Set aside until ready to use.
  3. Using a cast-iron pan, start with a thin layer of chips and build the first layer of nachos — chips, beans, pulled pork, nacho cheese, shredded cheese, pickled jalapeños, fresh jalapeños (to taste).
  4. Continue to create layers 3 to 4 times, and cover the top of the final layer with a generous layer of nacho + shredded cheese on the top to cover the chips.
  5. Put in smoker for 10 to 15 minutes or until cheese is melted/heated through.
  6. Remove pan from smoker — be careful, it will be HOT! Make sure you have the right gloves to handle the pan.
  7. Finish topping nachos with pickled jalapeños, fresh jalapeños, salsas, pico de gallo, diced onion, guacamole, green onion, cilantro — then sprinkle with queso fresco and drizzle crema on top.
  8. Serve immediately while hot.

Pro-tip: Feel free to add any other toppings to these nachos to create your own custom nacho recipe.

Pro-tip: Pulled pork is one of the most versatile leftovers. It can be used on tacos, burgers, quesadillas and more.

Recipe courtesy of pitmaster Sterling Ball.